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Attentive Interior & Exterior Detailing

Get your car, truck, or boat looking great inside and out with fast, friendly interior and exterior detailing from Xtreme Detailing in Cartersville, Georgia. We take great pride in the work we do, and our mobile team comes to you and works quickly, but diligently, to clean and detail every inch of your car. We offer both interior and exterior options, and you can choose one or both. 

Interior Detailing

Our full-service interior detailing solution includes our windows, vacuuming, and cleaning the doorjambs, as well as dressing the interior and shampooing carpets and seats.

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Exterior Washes

Exterior detailing ensures that the outside of your car, truck, or SUV looks great. You'll enjoy a like-new shine with each new detailing service. When you choose exterior detailing, we hand wash the outside of the vehicle, dry it completely, and clean the wheels. Once that's done, we also dress the tires and clean the windows.

Stop in today for a walk-in service or contact us for an appointment. For a full detail, depending on the size, it will take at least three hours to do the job right and let the carpet dry. Free estimates are available for every service.

Starting Prices:
Cars — $20
Small Trucks & SUVs —
Large Trucks & SUVs — $35

Headlight Restoration

Call for pricing.


Scratch removal. Call for pricing.

Detail With Hand Wax

Includes hand wash with hand wax, clean wheels, tire dressing, dress interior, clean windows, clean door jam, and vacuum. Call for pricing.

Exterior Wash & Hand Wax

Includes hand wash with hand wax, clean wheels, clean windows, tire dressing & door jams. Call for pricing.

Complete Detail With Hand Wax

Hand wash with hand wax, clean motor, clean door/trunk jams, clean wheels, tire dress.
Clean and dress dash/console/panels, clean windows, shampoo carpet/seats/floor mats.
Call for pricing.

Full-Service Boat Detailing

Detail inside/outside with hand wax and buff. Call for pricing.

Campers & RV Detailing

Exterior wash (with integrated wax), windows, and tire shine. Call for pricing.

Leather Cleaning

Call for pricing.

Headliner Cleaning

Call for pricing.

Interior Detailing Truck

Truck and RV

Work turck floor detail Clean Seat

Moon Roof before and after cleaning Car Seat Before and After Cleaning

Clean Headlights Detailed Boat
Detailed RV Detailed Red Truck
Detailed Challenger Car Detailing